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High dimensional precision capability:
Having gained 12 year experience in manufacturing electronic casting & fiber optical connector castings, Skyrock knows very well with high precision zinc castings, critical dimension control, and s.p.c. (Capability study cpk=or<1.30) geographic tolerance & modem quality control system.
High density casting capability:
Skyrock has experience in making castings required air pressure test and not allowed any spot, pin hole or porosities at the milling surface after machinery finishing for hydraulic components.
Controlled casting weight capability:
Skyrock has experience in castings weight control for 110g+1.5g-0 for electronic company's weight units via 100% weight control in production process.
Surface treatment capability:
Skrock has rich experience of Zinc casting surface treatment: polished chrome plating for upscale sanitary ware, and painting for walkman housing, camera housing, power cabinet components.